Schärer Attorneys at Law is a joint law office of independent attorneys, notaries public and tax consultants in Aarau. The firm was founded in mid-2003 by partners from various established law and notary offices. Through decades of devoted service we have established a deep-seated trust placed in us by private clients, businesses, communities and government offices. Based on our wide-ranging experience and insistence on high level of service, we can assure individual, conscientious care and efficient, persistent representation of our clients.

The size of our team of experts and cooperation of specialists in different legal fields guarantees an interdisciplinary, timely completion of our mandates. If necessary, we can rely on a network of external specialists and law consultants at home and abroad.
No statutory rates applying, our fees are calculated according to time spent and the demands of the mandate. For notarial transactions (legalizations and notarizations) the notarial fee decree of the Canton Aargau applies.

Schärer Rechtsanwälte
Hintere Bahnhofstrasse 6
CH-5001 Aarau

T +41 62 837 50 00
F +41 62 837 50 01